WristGrips Now Available


Playing a lot of bass can lead to some serious issues with your hands and wrists. Ryan Sollee and Gabe Castro are combatting those issues with WristGrips, a one-size-fits-all compression wrap that aims at preventing health problems.

“WristGrips help prevent and heal tendonitis, arthritis, and carpal tunnel issues, by compressing and supporting the wrist, increasing oxygen and blood flow to help prevent further injuries, while allowing full range of motion,” the company writes. “WristGrips low profile all black design works for any style of musician at any type of venue. WristGrips are one-size-fits-all and are easy and simple to take on and off.”

WristGrips are available now for $23.99 per pair.

WristGrips Features:

Decreases wrist and hand swelling due to poor form, overplaying and RSI (repetitive stress injury)
Increases longevity, endurance, blood flow and oxygen to hands and wrists
Provides wrist stabilization and full range of motion
One size fits all, 100% cotton, hand washable, virtually indestructible, made in the USA

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