Dave Holland Releases “Uncharted Territories”

Dave Holland: Uncharted TerritoriesJazz bassist Dave Holland has returned with a new album with a very appropriate title. Uncharted Territories is an exploratory album that reunites the band leader with longtime friend and saxophonist Evan Parker. Pianist Craig Taborn and percussionist Ches Smith round out the album.

“In addition to quartet improvisations, they also broke off into every possible subset of duo and trio configurations,” the album’s liner notes read. “The group also recorded two compositions by Smith and one by Holland. The resulting 23 tracks present a series of deep, multi-layered conversations between the musicians, some of whom were interacting for the first time.”

Check out the opening track “Thought On Earth”:

Uncharted Territories is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Uncharted Territories Track List:

  1. Thought on Earth
  2. Piano-Bass-Percussion T1
  3. Q&A
  4. Tenor-Percussion W2
  5. QT12
  6. Tenor-Bass W3
  7. QW2
  8. Tenor-Piano-Bass T2
  9. Organ-Vibes W1
  10. Bass-Percussion T2
  11. Tenor-Piano-Percussion T1
  12. QT13
  13. Tenor-Bass-Percussion T2
  14. Piano-Percussion W3
  15. QT5
  16. Tenor-Bass W1
  17. Piano-Bass-Percussion T2
  18. Unsteady As She Goes
  19. Bass-Percussion T1
  20. QW5
  21. Tenor-Bass-Percussion T1
  22. Tenor-Bass W2
  23. QW1

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