Quiet Theory Releases the Prelude Reverb/Delay Pedal

Quiet Theory Prelude Reverb/Delay Pedal

Quiet Theory has unveiled a new reverb and delay pedal called the Prelude. Both of the effects have their own separate EQ tone switches, which the company says allows for “subtle ambience and washed out atmosphere.” They add that the Prelude sounds good on bass, synths, and acoustic instruments in addition to guitar.

Quiet Theory also gave the unit a Burst mode, which makes the footswitches become momentary. Other features include top mounted jacks, custom steel knobs, and true bypass.

The Quiet Theory Prelude delay/reverb pedal is available direct for $299.

Quiet Theory Prelude Reverb/Delay Pedal Features:

Separate Delay and Reverb EQ Tone Switches
Burst Mode (Footswitches Become Momentary)
Trails/True Bypass Toggle Switch
Top Mounted Jacks
Soft Touch Footswitches
Custom Steel Knobs

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