Michael Manring Japan Tour Blu-Ray Available For Preorder

Michael Manring Japan Tour Blu-Ray

Japan’s Pudding Broadcast is working to release a new live Michael Manring video on Blu-ray, and they need our help. Manring toured Japan back in 2016 when Pudding, a film, and audio production company, recorded his performances.

“In October 2016, we invited Michael Manring for his first solo live tour in Japan,” they write. “Thanks to many individuals and companies, such as Bass Magazine, Markbass, and Pearl, the three days of concerts were a great success. The live performances were filmed and the audio was recorded in their entirety. We finished editing the materials in May 2017, and started publishing the products by CD and YouTube. However, we received an email from YouTube saying it would stop selling the paid content from September 2017. So we had to rush to change the method of publishing the video.”

The Blu-ray will also allow for better quality audio and video as well as multi-angle options. It will feature the third day of the tour with songs like “Monkey Businessman”, “Burkina”, and “The Enormous Room”.

Pudding Broadcast’s Kickstarter campaign for the Blu-ray is open now and will be going until June 12th. Backers that help fund the project will get rewards ranging from the Blu-ray to a Japan tour commemoration painting to a special movie they created.

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