Mattoverse Electronics Introduces the Quadramix Pedal

Mattoverse Electronics Quadramix PedalMattoverse Electronics has unveiled the Quadramix, a four-input and two-output mixer in a pedalboard-friendly enclosure. It allows for sending multiple sources into your amplifier or it can be used as a headphone amplifier.

“Featuring 2 high-impedance inputs designed for guitar/bass and 2 low-impedance inputs designed for keyboards/synths/drum machines along with enough gain to overdrive either the inputs or outputs, this versatile utility box is sure to find multiple uses in the home studio and in live settings,” the company writes.

Each of the inputs has its own level control in addition to a red master volume control. The Quadramix is built with heavy duty off-board Switchcraft and Neutrik jacks. It will be available soon directly from Mattoverse with a street price of $149.

Mattoverse Electronics Quadramix Pedal Features:

Heavy Duty Off-Board Switchcraft and Neutrik Jacks
4 - 1/4″ mono inputs each with their own volume control
Master Volume control with 2 - 1/4″ mono outputs
Compact heavy duty pedalboard friendly enclosure

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