Massive Unity Unveils the Dirty Boy Preamp Pedal

Massive Unity Dirty Boy Preamp PedalMassive Unity attended the Summer NAMM Show this year and introduced the Dirty Boy preamp. Designed for guitar and bass, the unit is powered by T.A.E. technology, which is a proprietary tube amp emulation developed by engineer Danny Gomez.

“Based on the classic amplifier, the Dirty Boy is a full analog amplifier simulator for line connection, a highly detailed preamp to your amp’s FX loop, or even an impressive tube sounding booster/overdrive to your amp’s input,” the company writes.

The switchable boost offers up to an extra 20 dB. Other features include a variac simulator, a true coil transformer by LAA Custom, and remote switching. The Massive Unity Dirty Boy preamp is available now for $352.

Massive Unity Dirty Boy Preamp Pedal Features:

Powered by T.A.E. technology for a real analogue experience
20 dB switchable booster
Variac simulator
True Coil Transformer by LAA Custom
Preamp Output
Speaker Emulated Output (closed-back w/ 4x12 “Greenback”)
Top-mounted I/O
Remote switching
Input impedance: 1 MOhms.
Output Impedance: 6.5 KOhms.
Power supply: 9V external AC-DC adaptor
Dimensions (mm): 145 x 105 x 74
Weight: 0.8 lbs

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