Nordstrand Audio Introduces the Zen Blade Bass Pickup

Nordstrand Zen Blade Bass PickupsNordstrand Audio’s pickup line has gotten a little bigger with the Zen Blade, a classic sidewinder-style pickup with a ceramic bar magnet and slotted steel blade. The design allows for even tone across the fretboard and steady impedance, Nordstrand says.

“One of its finest qualities is that the difference between its parallel and series personalities is subtle, creating a dimension of versatility where the player may comfortably fit their tone in the mix between many different genres—Jazz, Country, and Rock being its best contenders,” they write. “Wired in parallel, the pickup delivers a broad range of character, with its even, clear, and articulate nature manifesting in its purest form. In series, the aperture narrows, causing the tone to become a bit thicker, a little bit bolder, while still retaining the even and clear quality inherent to the pickup.”

The Nordstrand Zen Blade is available in Bartolini BC and EMG35 sizes for four, five, and six-string basses. It can be ordered now with a street price starting at $216 per set.

Nordstrand Zen Blade Bass Pickup Features:

Classic sidewinder-style pickup
Uniform magnetic field—Ceramic bar magnet
Available as single neck or bridge pickup, or as a set.
Flat, slotted, steel blade.
Available in standard black soapbar covers.
19mm maximum pitch
Laser cut vulcanized bobbins.
Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.
Available in Bartolini BC and EMG35 sizes
Designed, Tested, and Built in Redlands, California

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