Darkglass Electronics Reveals Hyper Luminal Hybrid Compressor Pedal

Darkglass Electronics Hyper Luminal Bass Compressor PedalDarkglass Electronics announced a new pedal to their lineup with the Hyper Luminal compressor, which they say features the first hybrid design with an analog VCA controlled by a digital side-chain. The setup allows for capturing the characters of some legendary compressors while keeping the signal path all analog.

Another unique feature are a pair of touch sensors that control the ratio and mode. Ratio dials in the compression rate, while the mode switches between three compressor styles: BUS, FET, and SYM. The BUS is modeled after the Solid State Logic Bus compressor, while FET takes its cues from the 1176 by Universal Audio. SYM recreates Darkglass’s discontinued Super Symmetry compressor.

The Hyper Luminal has a blend knob for mixing in the clean signal, a time knob for setting attack and release, a compression knob for overall compression levels, and an output for the outgoing volume of the pedal. It is rounded out with a USB connection that lets you connect to your computer and adjust parameters via the Darkglass Suite.

Check out the Hyper Luminal release video:

The Darkglass Electronics Hyper Luminal Bass Compressor will be shipping in the first weeks of September with a price point of $229.95.

Darkglass Electronics Hyper Luminal Bass Compressor Pedal Features:

Analog VCA Controlled by Digital
Three Modes: BUS, FET, and SYM
Ratio and Mode Touch Sensors
Blend, Time, Output, and Compression Knobs
Dimensions: 2.95x4.37x1.77 in
Power: 9V DC Adapter with center-negative plug

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