Paul McCartney’s “Egypt Station” Now Available

Paul McCartney: Egypt StationFormer Beatle Paul McCartney has returned with Egypt Station, which marks his 18th solo studio album. Recorded between Los Angeles, London, and Sussex, the album gets its name from one of the bassist’s paintings that also serves as the album artwork. It ties thematically ties the record together as the Fab Four did back in the day.

“I liked the words ‘Egypt Station.’ It reminded me of the ‘album’ albums we used to make,” McCartney explains. “Egypt Station starts off at the station on the first song and then each song is like a different station. So it gave us some idea to base all the songs around that. I think of it as a dream location that the music emanates from.”

In celebration of the release, McCartney put on a “secret” concert at Grand Central Station in New York City. Check him out on his trusty Hofner bass on the single, “Fuh You”:

Egypt Station is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Egypt Station Track List:

  1. Opening Station
  2. I Don’t Know
  3. Come On To Me
  4. Happy With You
  5. Who Cares
  6. Fuh You
  7. Confidante
  8. People Want Peace
  9. Hand In Hand
  10. Dominoes
  11. Back In Brazil
  12. Do It Now
  13. Caesar Rock
  14. Despite Repeated Warnings
  15. Station II
  16. Hunt You Down/Naked/C-Link

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