Adventure Audio Unveils Glacial Zenith II Pedal

Advenure Audio Glacial-Zenith-V2-WhitAdventure Audio Glacial Zenith II PedalAdventure Audio has expanded their pedal lineup with the Glacial Zenith II, which is an overdrive pedal they say “guitar, bass, and electric keyboard players the ability to shape their tone they way they hear it in their head.” This is accomplished by allowing the three components of the unit – a drive, a 3-band EQ, and a boost – to be routed into different orders.

Two switches let you set the EQ to pre or post the drive or set the boost to pre or post drive and EQ. The boost is independently switchable, and the drive section has a Shape toggle that makes the effect more or less clipped.

The Adventure Audio Glacial Zenith II can be ordered with a soft switch. It’s open for pre-orders starting at $189.

Adventure Audio Glacial Zenith II Pedal Features:

3-band EQ (250Hz, 830Hz, 2.9kHz)
Independently Engageable Boost: Raise the peak to colossal heights
Pre Drive Toggle: Left = Boost pre Drive/EQ, Right = Boost post Drive/EQ
EQ Post Drive Toggle: Left = EQ pre Drive, Right = EQ post Drive
Shape Toggle: Right: less clipped, Left: more clipped

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