Cleartone Redesigns Coated Bass Strings

Cleartone Bass StringsCleartone has revamped their line of coated strings with a new formula they say increases volume, sustain, and longevity. The entire line of guitar and bass strings now have a more refined winding and treatment process.

“Cleartone’s new generation strings use a .5 micron coating that according to an independent acoustic lab actually increases volume and sustain from an uncoated set,” they write, adding it gives up to a 36% increase in volume, 48% more sustain and up to 5 times more lifespan.

The Cleartone strings are manufactured in North Hollywood, California. The four-string bass set will be available for $39.99 and the five-string for $54.99.

Cleartone Bass Strings Features:

Gauges: .050-.110, .040-.100, .045-.105, .050-.110, .040-.125 (5-string)
.5 Micron Coating

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