Fuzzrocious Pedals Announced Baby Furnace Gated Fuzz Pedal

Fuzzrocious Pedals Baby Furnace Gated Fuzz PedalFuzzrocious Pedals has unveiled the Baby Furnace, a miniature version of their Blast Furnace pedal. The new pedal features the gated fuzz section of its big brother with two footswitches: one that toggles the effect on and off, and one to switch between two separate volume controls.

“When Volume 1 is active, the fuzz signal is wide open with a full frequency blast. When Volume 2 is active, the Tone pot is now active, allowing one to change the tone sweep of the fuzz,” Fuzzrocious explains. “The Tone pot moves from angry wasps in an Orange Crush can through drug rug over the cab doom with many, many sweet spots in between.”

It also adds a blend pot for blending your clean signal in with the dirt. Check out this bass demo with builder Ryan Ratajski:

The Fuzzrocious Baby Furnace is limited to 50 units. It’s available now for $125 or $100 with the purchase of another pedal.

Fuzzrocious Pedals Baby Furnace Gated Fuzz Pedal Features:

Dual Volume Controls
On/Off Footswitch
Volume Selector Footswitch
Blend Control
Built in New Jersey

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