Hugo Doyon-Karout Featured on New Beyond Creation Album

Beyond Creation: AlgorythmBeyond Creation have released their third studio album, Algorythm, with bassist Hugo Doyon-Karout. The band calls their new ten-song collection their own “representation of modern, cohesive progressive death metal with an extra touch of dynamic arrangements, vigorous rhythmic patterns integrated with tamed, refreshing atmospheres.”

Though Doyon-Karout has been in the band for several years, it’s the first album to feature his playing and he took to the time to share his findings on his Facebook page.

“This experience has completely transformed me as a musician but also as a human being in general,” he said. “It has taught me a whole lot about self-criticism, confidence, time management, sense of priorities and has allowed me to further develop my own writing style. I now fully realize that there is no challenge too big for each of us, nothing too crazy for us to consider being a part of. Trust yourself, do the best you can with what you got, have faith in the process, keep calm and enjoy the path of infinite possibilities.”

Check out his gnarly fretless playing in the video for “The Inversion”:

Algorythm is available now on CD, vinyl, cassette, and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Algorythm Track List:

  1. Disenthrall
  2. Entre Suffrage Et Mirage
  3. Surface’s Echoes
  4. Ethereal Kingdom
  5. Algorythm
  6. A Travers Le Temp Et L’oubli
  7. Adversity
  8. The Inversion
  9. Binomial Structures
  10. The Afterlife

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