Kleissonic Announces The Howl Phase-Shifting Pedal

Kleissonic Boutique Pedals The Howl Phase-Shifting PedalBerlin’s Kleissonic Boutique Pedals has announced a new two-notch phase-shifting pedal called the Howl. The unit has volume, Gain, and Sweep controls, but no Rate control commonly found in phasers.

“The Howl is not another common phaser, it has no built-in LFO and it is ideal for any instrument. It’s also extremely useful for audio engineers and DJ’s both for recordings and mixing,” the company writes. “The two notches (signal cancellations) will allow musicians to dial in plenty of sound timbres and find their own tone sweet spot. Additionally, by plugging in an expression pedal, the user’s foot works as a ‘custom LFO.’ The idea behind it, is to have absolute control of the phase shifting frequencies, giving musician a brand new tool of musical expression.”

Two internal trimpots help to calibrate the feeling of the expression pedal and the phase frequency range. Additionally, the Gain control allows for up to +10db of clean boost. It’s available now with an approximate price point of $220.

Kleissonic Boutique Pedals The Howl Phase-Shifting Pedal Features:

Two notches (signal cancellations)
Ideal for any instrument.
Wide range of phase frequencies.
Adjustable range of sweep for any expression pedal with ¼ TRS (Tip/Ring/Sleeve) where the reference voltage is on “tip”.
Ultra-clean boost up to +10db at 12 o'clock
True Bypass
Input impedance: 820KOhm
Output impedance: 10KOhm
Power: Center negative tip from 9-15 Volts DC
Power consumption: 15mA
Dimensions: 120 x 95 x 34 (mm)

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