Bass of the Week: Aviator Guitars Bomber 7

Aviator Guitars Bomber 7 Bass

Taking after the massive combat aircraft, this Bomber 7 from Aviator Guitars drops thunderous notes with an incredible seven-string multi-scale design. The longest string has a scale length of 37.5 inches, which is a solid 3.5 inches longer than a traditional bass scale. In fact, the model was created just for this particular feat.

“The Bomber model was developed specifically for this project and oversized to accommodate the long Scale and balance the heavy neck,” Aviator writes, adding that it also comes in four- and five-string versions.

The monstrous bass features neck-through construction with a nine-piece wenge, maple, and mahogany neck fitted with bubinga body wings and a wenge fretboard. Its body is topped with a layer of flamed maple, which is then capped with a rich ebony complete with a matching headstock.

Aviator fitted the Bomber with three Elysian custom P-Split pickups with carbon fiber covers. Its control section has all the bells and whistles: an active/passive switch, series/parallel switches for the neck and bridge pickups, a four-way rotary switch, and a Darkglass Electronics Tone Capsule.

Aviator Guitars Bomber 7 Bass Specifications:

Construction:Neck Through
Scale Length:34.5″ - 37.5″ Multiscale
Tuning:E A E A D F# B, Kalium Strings Custom Set
Body:Bubinga Wings
Top:Ebony with Flamed Maple middle layer, Matching Headstock
Neck:Wenge/Maple/Mahogany 9 Piece
Pickups:3 Elysian Pickups Custom P-Splits with Carbon Fiber Covers
Bridge:Hipshot Triple Lockdown
Tuners:Hipshot Ultralite
Controls:Master Volume, Dingwall Guitars 4-way Rotary Switch, Active High Mids, Low Mids and Bass, Series/Parallel switches for Neck and Bridge Pickup, Active/Passive Toggle
Electronics:Darkglass Electronics Tone Capsule running at 18V
Frets:24 Jescar Stainless Steel frets, Zero Fret
Nut:Graph Tech Black Tusq
Inlays:Abalone Dots
Side Dots:Luminlay
Finish:Tung Oil

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  1. Ruben DLR

    Weird tuning. Double dropped 7th and 6th strings but then the major third between 3rd and 2nd strings like a guitar? Ummm, OK. She’s a beauty, though.

  2. William Smith

    What I would do to have a left handed version of that..

  3. Alfred martin

    No comment, but would love to know where can I purchase this product from in Rochester Ny.