W-Music Distribution Announces RockBoard LED Dampers

W-Music Distribution RockBoard LED Damper

Bassists using pedalboards on a dark stage know that sometimes the LEDs on effects units can be overly bright. Warwick’s W-Music Distribution has released a simple new product to address that situation. The RockBoard LED Dampers are diffractive caps that dampen the glare of the lights while allowing them to still be visible.

W-Music Distribution RockBoard LED Damper with Light“The specially designed matte diffractive dome structure diffracts the light of LED’s so the pedal’s status is still clearly visible in broad daylight as well as in the dark,” the company writes.

They come in two sizes: small (8mm outer diameter and 3mm height) or large (10mm outer diameter and 3mm height). Each damper has a self-adhesive to stay on your LEDs, but can be easily removed without leaving a residue.

The RockBoard LED Dampers will be available mid-December with a TBD price point.

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  1. Could us a couple for me and my violinist (instead of electrical tape!)