JOYO Audio Introduces the O.M.B. Looper/Drum Machine Pedal

JOYO O.M.B. Looper/Drum Machine PedalJOYO Audio has announced the O.M.B., a pedal that combines a looper and a drum machine to make yourself a one-man band. The functions can be used separately or together.

Its looper mode has an auto-align function and a count-in with 40 minutes cycle recording time and unlimited overdubs.

On the drum machine side, the O.M.B. offers seven genres of drum patterns, seven drum beats, and a tap tempo button for setting the speed. It also allows for adding fills and outros.

The JOYO Audio O.M.B. will be available for $109.99.

Although it’s demoed with a guitar, you can see the O.M.B. at work in this clip:

JOYO Audio O.M.B. Looper/Drum Machine Pedal Features:

3 different modes: Drum only, Looper only, Drum and Looper
Different genres of drum pattern: Metal, Blues, Rock, Pop, Latin, Jazz, Funk
Overdub unlimitedly
Tap Tempo
Controllers: Looper, Drum, GENRE selector, BAR selector, Mode switch, TAP control knob
Ambience LED light on the front and rear sides
Toggle controls with 3 LED light modes (Syn/Always/Off)

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