Janek Gwizdala Publishes “Jazz Vocabulary for Electric Bass: ii-V-I”

Janek Gwizdala: Jazz Vocabulary for Electric Bass- ii-V-IJanek Gwizdala has published a new instructional book for bassists looking to expand their ability to speak on the instrument. Jazz Vocabulary for Electric Bass: ii-V-I is designed to build your technique and train your ear while learning the language of jazz.

“The book begins at the heart of basic vocabulary in the jazz idiom, building a concrete foundation of confidence in ‘making the changes,’ before guiding through every step of the process to more fresh and complex interpretations of the altered scale, unexpected tonal centers, and innovative chord structure,” Gwizdala writes.

The book is 107 pages long and comes in paperback or digital version (eBook and video) via Gwizdala’s website for $25. Check out a few of the examples:

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  1. Geri O

    Can’t wait to dive in! But be aware – The page says it’s available in paperback, but when I paid for the book, it said that the purchase is available in digital download only, no physical book will be shipped. That’s perfectly fine with me, but you guys need to address this discrepancy only to save you some grief lest some twits looking to get their feelings all hurt and offended will be on your case about it. Heck I’m glad I can jump in the book right away and I don’t have to wait on the book to arrive!