Best of 2018: The Top 10 Bass Player Interviews and Podcasts

We’re kicking off our “Best of 2018” lists this year with the top 10 reader favorite bassist interviews and Groove podcast episodes.

We always love sitting down with bassists and hearing their stories. Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing!

Groove – Episode #44: Bridget Kearney

1. Groove – Episode #44: Bridget Kearney

Bridget Kearney started playing the bass when she was nine years old and fell madly, deeply in love with the instrument. We caught up with Bridget while she was on tour with Lake Street Dive. Enjoy the conversation…

Groove – Episode #38: Billy Sheehan

2. Groove – Episode #38: Billy Sheehan

This was our first-ever live recording of Groove – The No Treble Podcast, which took place at the NAMM Show in Anaheim (and was recorded in front of a live audience at the NAMM Idea Centre)…

Groove – Episode #39: David Pastorius

3. Groove – Episode #39: David Pastorius

What are the odds? What are the odds that you start playing the electric bass, and it’s not because your uncle is Jaco Pastorius? That’s part of David Pastorius’s remarkable story…

Groove – Episode #42: Mai Leisz

4. Groove – Episode #42: Mai Leisz

Mai Leisz turned thirty this year, but she is an old soul. It’s for this reason that she has fit in performing with artists like David Crosby, Joan Baez, Jackson Browne, Seal and others…

Two Bass Hit: An Interview with Jeff Pinkus and Steven McDonald

5. Two Bass Hit: An Interview with Jeff Pinkus and Steven McDonald

The Melvins have followed up last year’s double album, A Walk with Love & Death, with a double bass album. features both Steven McDonald and Jeff Pinkus laying down the low end. We caught up with the bassists to get the scoop on the new album…

Groove – Episode #40: Chris Wood

6. Groove – Episode #40: Chris Wood

Chris Wood is, without a doubt, one of the more complex players to actually label. He’s a personal favorite and inspiration to me, so it was a true honor to celebrate this 40th episode milestone with our conversation…

Groove – Episode #37: Cody Wright

7. Groove – Episode #37: Cody Wright

Candidly, there are few bass players who sound as original as Cody Wright. In fact, when I first heard him play several years back, I was immediately transported back in time. As big of a bass player as Cody is, he is still young, new on the scene, and there’s a bright future ahead…

Dawn of the Dregs: An Interview With Andy West

8. Dawn of the Dregs: An Interview With Andy West

Last year one of the biggest surprises for music lovers was the announcement that the original members of the Dixie Dregs would be reuniting for a tour. We caught up with Andy West to get the scoop on the reunion, his past and current rigs, and more…

Diluvium: An Interview with Linus Klausenitzer

9. Diluvium: An Interview with Linus Klausenitzer

For some of us bassists, adding a fifth string is a stumbling block. That’s why it’s jaw-dropping to see and hear someone like Linus Klausenitzer, who tackles the insane music in Obscura. We caught up with Linus to get the scoop…

Groove – Episode #41: Evan Marien

10. Groove – Episode #41: Evan Marien

Simply put, Evan Marien is a very exciting bass player. The composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist sat down with us to share his story…

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