Fishman Unveils Fluence Soapbar Multi-Voice Bass Pickups

Fishman Fluence Soapbar Multi-Voice Bass PickupsFishman has expanded their Fluence line of pickups with a new set of Soapbar multi-voice bass pickups. The active pickups, come in four and five-string versions, offer three distinct voices to cover different playing styles.

The “Classic” setting is inspired by vintage passive pickups while the “Funk” setting offers extra low-end punch with increased highs and a contoured mid-range. The third voice, “Modern”, produces a full-range response that is optimized for hard rock and heavy metal. Each pickup can be split for single-coil operation for more tonal options.

The Fishman Fluence Soapbar multi-voice bass pickups can be powered by a standard 9V battery or an optional Fluence Rechargeable Battery Pack. They will be shown at the NAMM Show and are available now for $259.95 per set.

Fishman Fluence Soapbar Multi-Voice Bass Pickup Features:

Active Soapbar Pickups
Three Voices: Classic, Funk, Modern
4 or 5-string Sets
Can be Split to Single-Coil Operation
Power: 9V or optional Fluence Rechargeable Battery Pack

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