Ashdown Engineering Introduces the Phone Box Pedal

Ashdown Engineering Phone Box PedalAfter the Tone Pocket, Ashdown Engineering introduced a second practice device at the 2019 Winter NAMM Show. The Phone Box allows you to plug into any solid state amplifier and listen to its output through headphones. This is handy for late night jamming on your favorite amp if it doesn’t have its own headphone output.

“Many modern bass amp heads, like Ashdown’s Rootmaster and OriginAL ranges feature a headphone output for such situations, however, the vast majority don’t – including many legacy (and much respected) bass amplifier heads and combos,” the company explains. “The Ashdown Phone Box is designed specifically for use with a Solid-State amplifier (one
that does not use Tubes/Valves) as they can be used without having to connect a speaker cabinet.”

Simply plug the output of your amp into the Phone Box’s input and then plug your headphones into either the 1?4” Stereo Jack or 3.5mm. Then use your amp’s output volume as your level control. Ashdown baked in some extra functionality with a DI output with a Speaker output for your cab and a balanced XLR output to connect to a PA. The Line Out 1/4-inch jack can be used as a recording output, and all of the outputs can be used at the same time.

The Ashdown Phone Box will be available soon for $128.

Ashdown Engineering Phone Box Pedal Features:

Amp Input
Two Headphone Outputs: 1/4″ and 3.5mm
Speaker Output
Balanced DI Output
Line Out

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