Ashdown Announces PRO FX Bass Pedal Series

Ashdown PRO FX Bass Pedal Series

Ashdown Engineering has expanded their pedal offerings with the PRO FX line, which consists of five new units: The Triple Shot, the Macchiato Comp (Guy Pratt Signature), the Studio Comp, the Velvet Comp, and the Type 23. Each of the pedals, which are manufactured in the UK, feature steel housings with anodized faces, Neutrik Jack sockets, and illuminated LED that lights up the company logo when they are activated. They’re also designed to run from a linear isolated 18V power supply.

The Triple Shot is a multi-band bass distortion that splits the signal intro three sections – Dark, Medium, and Light – that are then sent to three distortion engines. “Each band has its own level (“Roast”) control before being recombined to create a full signal,” they explain. “It is therefore possible to retain and enhance the low-end frequencies of your bass sound with a thick and chunky over-driven tone, enrich the top-end with high-gain trebles — or take the two extremes and mix them together to harvest a vast selection of distinct sonic qualities.”

The Macchiato is the first of three new compressors in the range. Designed with Guy Pratt, it has a set compression ratio to suit the bassist’s needs as well as a 3-band EQ. It also has a Subsonic Filter switch to reduce specific frequencies that sometimes interfere with elements of the stage and can damage speakers.

Next up is the Studio Compressor, which is a more traditional version of the effect. It has Threshold, Ratio, and Gain controls for dialing in your compression. The Attack and Release of the effect are already optimized and as such don’t have controls for adjustment. Finally, the Velvet Compressor is designed to smooth out your sound.

“Designed to make your bass sound silky smooth, The Ashdown Velvet Compressor is a stunning, well-rounded compressor pedal,” Ashdown writes. “The Velvet Compressor is a simple pedal with advanced circuitry. Just one knob adjusts several parameters simultaneously – Gain, Ratio and Threshold are all synchronized and adjusted with the ‘Compact’ knob whilst Attack and Decay are optimized and pre-set to suit the signal passing through.”

The last pedal, called the Type 23, is a 3-band dynamic filter pedal that creates funky sounds. It also has simplified controls with a switch for High, Low, or Blended filter frequencies plus a Sensitivity knob to adjust how much the oscillating filter reacts to your dynamics. “Adding more tonal capabilities, there’s a handy switch on the bottom of the pedal which further varies the frequency of the selected ‘high’, ‘low’ or blended filter oscillation frequency to tailor the nature of the desired effect amount,” they write.

The Ashdown Engineering PRO FX pedals will carry retail prices ranging from $322 to $387.

Ashdown Triple Shot Pedal Features:

Dark controls the Bass
Medium controls the Middle
Light controls the Treble
Roast sets the amount of distortion to its corresponding EQ band
18 volt – Power Supply Required

Ashdown Engineering Macchiato Compressor Guy Pratt Signature Pedal Features:

Rotary 3-band EQ: Dark, Medium and Light (Bass, Middle and Treble)
Subsonic Filter switch - Reduces specific (unwanted) frequencies

Ashdown Engineering Studio Compressor Pedal Features:

Gain, Ratio, Threshold Controls
18 volt – Power Supply Required

Ashdown Engineering Velvet Compressor Pedal Features:

Compact Knob controls Gain, Ratio, and Threshold
Three-band Input Control
Output Control

Ashdown Engineering Type 23 Pedal Features:

High, low or blended filter oscillation frequency Sensitivity sets the amount of effect
18 volt – Power Supply Included

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