EBS Introduces the MicroBass 3 Pedal

EBS MicroBass 3 Pedal

EBS expanded their bass pedal offerings this year at the Winter NAMM Show with the EBS MicroBass 3, an analog “multi-tool” for bassists. The unit is a two-channel preamp that brings together features from their HD360 and Fafner II bass amplifiers.

“Run the Clean and Drive channels in series or parallel. Use the dual balanced XLR-outputs to tap the signal post and pre-EQ at the same time. With 10 Mohms input impedance, it handles any type of bass – passive, active or with piezo pickups,” the company writes.

For dialing in your tone, the comprehensive pedal has a four-band EQ with sweepable mids, a Character switch, and a Bright switch. Other features include a built-in compressor, a hi/lo Gain switch, a thin/deep switch, a headphone output, an aux input, and a mute footswitch.

The EBS MicroBass 3 will be available this year with a price point of $349.99.

EBS MicroBass 3 Pedal Features:

100% analog professional preamp
Dual channels – Clean and Drive
Run in parallel or series
Blend control for the drive
Dual Balanced XLR-out (pre & post EQ or Stereo)
Effects loop (mono or stereo)
Character and Bright filters (clean channel)
HI or LO gain drive engines
Thin or Deep type (drive channel)
Tuner, Aux-input, Headphones out
10 Mohms input impedance (main input)
9V DC, 400 mA required (power supply included)

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  1. Jorge

    I’d like to read and listen more reviews of fretless basses. Thanx .

  2. Creamy

    Been using the microbass II for years which I love and trust, particularly with the growing commonality of playing London venues where they want no amps on stage. To have a bit of control on shaping the tone has always been one of the real benefits of this pedal plus an easy cross over when we do an acoustic segment and I swap over to acoustic bass guitar. My only 3 quibbles with mark 2 (no tuner, no mid control on clean channel and no compression) have all been resolved. I cannot wait to get my hands on this as it will continue to be the most valuable in application pedal on my board and I believe puts it at the top of the pile for these types of pedal. Well done EBS. When are you shipping to the UK (in time for festival season I hope)