EBS Introduces the Black Haze 2 Drive Pedal

EBS Black Haze 2 PedalEBS has revealed its next release for 2024. The EBS Black Haze 2 is a blended drive that lets you dial in overdrive while retaining your low end. A three-way mini switch selects between Deep, Normal, and Thin for three different types of drive.

The Blend knob lets you precisely mix your clean and dirty signals for just the right ratio. In case of volume drop, EBS put a Gain adjustment pot inside the pedal to compensate. The company adds that the Black Haze 2 runs on a 9-volt power supply but can handle up to 18 volts for enhanced headroom.

The EBS Black Haze 2 will be shipping late this year with an estimated price point of $169.99.

EBS Black Haze 2 Pedal Features:

Drive, Tone, Volume Controls
Blend Knob
Three Drive Settings: Deep, Normal, Thin
9-18VDC Power

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