Ken Smith USA Basses to be Produced by Brubaker Guitars

Ken Smith with Basses

Ken Smith Basses has announced that their USA line of basses will now be built by luthier Kevin Brubaker of Brubaker Guitars. Smith notes that 2019 marks the company’s 40th anniversary and a new era for the company.

“Ken Smith Basses and Kevin Brubaker (Founder of Brubaker Guitars) are proud to announce that production of Ken Smith USA basses has been shifted to Brubaker Guitars out of Baltimore, MD,” a press release states. “Ken will, as always, handle the initial wood selection as well all final assembly, inspection, and setup.”

Smith elaborated on the change in a Facebook comment, saying, “Still here every day but most of the woodwork will be done at the new shop. We still have 100s of neck billets already made and all the lumber is here as well. Currently, we are supplying neck and body parts already made to some degree and finishing them in the new shop. As long as they are made to my specs with people I trust, there will be very little change if any. One change going forward is the finishes. All sprayed finishes, more durable than the old Oil/varnish finish and available in Matte, Semi and high gloss.”

The luthier has been a pioneer of the electric bass and built the first modern six-string for Anthony Jackson in 1981. He was also helped developed several features commonly found today including Printed Circuit Board Electronics, Graphite Inlaid Neck, Detented Balance and EQ controls, and taper core strings.

Kevin Brubaker started building instruments in 1989 and is also an explorer of new designs. His creations have included amazing color finishes, extended range instruments, and a unique bolt-thru neck joint.

Smith and Brubaker also say they are working on a new bass together. The Smith-Baker Hybrid Model will be unveiled later this year. We’ll keep you updated as more details are provided.

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