Fender Introduces New Effects Including First Bass-Specific Pedal

Fender 2019 Effects Pedals

Fender unveiled six new effects pedals featuring original designed circuits at the 2019 Winter NAMM Show. Notable among the new stompboxes is the Downtown Express, which marks the company’s first official bass effects pedal.

“[The Downtown Express] is a one-stop shop for bass tone-shaping by putting everything a player would need for killer bass tone right at their feet,” Fender writes. “All the bass essentials are there — compressor, 3-band EQ and overdrive — each switchable on its own, or kill the signal for silent tuning. The Direct Output makes it easy to integrate this pedal into any performance situation—stage or studio. This pedal also includes a switch that lets players reorder the compressor and overdrive circuits to taste.”

Fender also introduced the Bubbler Chorus, the Lost Highway Phaser, the MTG Tube Distortion, the Tre-Verb, and the Pinwheel. The new pedals will be available this year with prices ranging from $149.99 to $269.99. The bass-specific Downtown Express will retail for $249.99.

Fender Downtown Express Pedal Features:

Bass multi-effect pedal
Onboard compressor, overdrive with speaker emulation and 3-Band EQ
Effect order toggle switch
Direct Output
LED-backlit knobs

Fender Bubbler Analog Chorus Pedal Features:

Analog chorus pedal
Slow/Fast with independent Rate and Depth controls
Sine and Triangle waveforms
Dynamically responsive modulation rate
Stereo outputs

Fender MTG Tube Distortion Pedal Features:

Real tube-driven distortion pedal
NOS 6205 preamp tube
3-Band EQ; Boost with Gain and Level controls
LED-backlit knobs; Fender Amp Jewel LED
Standard 9VDC center-negative power connection

Fender Tre-Verb Digital Reverb/Tremolo Pedal Features:

Tremolo and reverb pedal
Independent Tremolo and Reverb effects with three voices each
Tap Tempo for Tremolo rate
Stereo inputs and outputs
LED-backlit knobs

Fender Lost Highway Phaser Pedal Features:

Analog 4- and 8-stage phaser pedal
Slow/Fast with independent Rate and Depth controls
Blend and Feedback controls
Sine and Triangle waveforms
Dynamically responsive modulation rate

Fender the Pinwheel Rotary Speaker Emulator Pedal Features:

Rotary speaker pedal
Switchable Slow/Fast speeds
Onboard overdrive; dynamically responsive modulation rate
Stereo inputs and outputs
Selectable guitar and keyboard voicings

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