Band Industries Introduces the Roadie Bass Automatic Tuner

Band Industries Roadie Bass Automatic TunerBand Industries has unveiled the Roadie Bass Tuner, which is an automatic tuner designed specifically for the bass. The company says the device has “enough torque to crank the biggest pegs in the business but is as precise as a watchmaker’s fingers.”

It works by placing the rotating tuner on your tuning peg and plucking your string. The Roadie Bass then senses the string’s pitch and tunes it up. “Roadie Bass’ advanced audio algorithms and machine precision consistently deliver perfectly accurate tuning. A built-in vibration sensor delivers crisp tuning in the noisiest environments,” the company writes.

It can tune any instrument with string gauge up to .140 and detects frequencies between 27.5 Hz and 880 Hz. Over 40 preset alternate and open tunings are ready to go while custom tunings and temperaments can also be set.

The Roadie Bass is available now with a price of $149.

Band Industries Roadie Bass Automatic Tuner (featured image)

Band Industries Roadie Bass Automatic Tuner Features:

Automatic Bass Guitar Tuner
Alternate and Custom Tunings
Restring at 40 RPM
Customizable via Roadie Tuner mobile app
Works with Strings up to .140 Gauge
Detects Frequencies Between 27.5 Hz and 880 Hz

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