Spiral Electric FX Unveils the Yellow Spiral Drive Pedal

Spiral Electric FX Yellow Spiral Drive PedalSpiral Electric FX has just released the Yellow Spiral Drive, which they say ranges in sounds from “a clean boost to a crunchy monster.” The company is headed by circuit designer Tom Cram, who worked at DOD/Digitech and helped create The Carcosa, Rubberneck, and FreqOut pedals during his tenure.

“The circuit is based on the DOD 250 Overdrive Pre-Amp with choice alterations,” the company writes. “The addition of the Nanolog N2 Quantum Junction, the Girth control, as well as selectable clipping sections adds a useful and modern spin to this classic circuit. The Yellow Spiral sounds fantastic on bass with none of the low-end loss commonly associated with this circuit.”

A three-way toggle allows for changing the voicing of the drive between the N2, the N2 plus LED, and the N2 plus Silicon.

Bassist Jonni Lightfoot gave the Yellow Spiral a demo on bass:

The Spiral Electric FX Yellow Spiral Drive is available now for $250.

Spiral Electric FX Yellow Spiral Drive Pedal Features:

6-Position rotary tone network retains your highs but increases low-end “Girth.”
Very touch-sensitive, goes from chime to grind with just an increase in pick attack
Excellent clean-up with guitar volume knob
Circuit Based on DOD 250 Overdrive Pre-Amp with choice alterations
Nanolog N2 Molecular Junction
True Bypass
100% Analog
Industrial, Textural, Chemical Oxide Top
Laser-Etched Graphics
Brushed Aluminum Chassis
High-Quality Parts Throughout

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