Seymour Duncan Introduces the Dark Sun Pedal

Seymour Duncan Dark Sun PedalSeymour Duncan has unveiled a new digital delay and reverb pedal called the Dark Sun. Developed with Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb, the unit draws its sound from the Andromeda Dynamic Delay and the Silver Lake Dynamic Reverb pedals.

“It combines a warm and clean digital delay algorithm with a lush Hall reverb, and the ability to route the two in just about any configuration,” the company writes. “Artists can shape the EQ of the effect, add saturation, lush choral modulation, or use Dynamic Expression to control the mix of the effect with their playing.”

The Dark Sun has a four-position switch for routing the order of effects to create different textures. You can run the delay first for new reverberations on each repeat or run Reverb first for a more dramatic repeat of the reverb trail. You can then set the effects to the left or right channels for stereo mode.

Other features include a set of presets, filters, gain, and modulation with tap tempos and dynamic expression. The Seymour Duncan Dark Sun is available for preorder for $369.

Seymour Duncan Dark Sun Pedal Features:

Digital Delay + Reverb
128 Presets with 32 Banks
8 Delays
Tap Tempo
Highpass and Lowpass filters
Four-position Routing Switch
Time, Feedback, Mix Knobs for Delay
Dynamic Expression Knob

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