J Rockett Audio Designs Announces the Juice Joint Power Distributor

J Rockett Pedals Joint Juice

J Rockett Audio Designs has introduced a new device called the Juice Joint Power Distributor. It’s used to power your effects pedals, but don’t call it a power supply.

“This is not a power supply” says Chris Van Tassel, co-founder of J Rockett Audio Designs. “The Juice Joint is a power distributor that allows you to dump those awkward daisy chain cables and filter your power in a clean simple platform.”

The Juice Joint allows for powering up to seven pedals via its filtered outputs, but you can link multiple Juice Joints together for larger boards. The Juice Joint is available now for $79 with an additional $10 for a cable bundle in either 8, 12, or 20-inch cables.

J Rockett Audio Designs Juice Joint Features:

Plug up to seven pedals into The Juice Joint’s filtered power outputs
Can link multiple Juice Joint power supplies together for larger pedal boards
Cleans up the daisy chain mess eliminating the antenna effect
Each output is filtered to help clean up unwanted noises from power supplies
Handles 9V negative tip power supplies
When bundled it comes with 8″, 12″ or 20″ cables

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