Mattoverse Electronics Introduces the Drone Tone MkIII Pedal

Mattoverse Electronics Drone Tone MkIII PedalMattoverse Electronics has once again updated its Drone Tone pedal with the MkIII version. The pedal is a drone synthesizer that delivers “brutal buzzing, blatant beeping, [and] raucous rhythmic pulses” with a square wave oscillator that has pitch and rate controls. It is a standalone effect and does not affect your input signal, instead of working as an additive noise generator.

“The third iteration of the Drone Tone features a number of upgrades including tap tempo, rate sync input (0-5V), internal pitch range control, and top mounted jacks,” Mattoverse explains.

Check out the MkIII’s capabilities in this quick demo video from the company:

The Drone Tone MkIII is available now in limited quantities for $159.

Mattoverse Electronics Drone Tone MkIII Pedal Features:

Controls for oscillator Pitch, Rate, Volume, and Tone.
High-quality off-board top-mounted jacks.
True hardwire bypass.
DC 9V center-pin-negative power supply only (not included).
Current draw is less than 20mA.
Enclosure Dimensions - 4.77″ x 2.6″ x 1.39″

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