Cody Wright, Philip Lassiter, and Josephine Rojer: Killing Me Softly

Cody Wright recently shared this phenomenal cover of Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly” he recorded with Philip Lassiter, on trumpet and Josephine Rojer on vocals.

I love how baby Arrow is digging it.

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  1. Ernest Warren

    Oh yeah, that’s really cool blowing a trumpet in a baby’s ears.

    • Kleb

      First thing I thought too! Yikes! I know my ears at age 60 (from that distance) would never be able to take that without fallout no matter how quietly the trumpeter could play…MAYBE with a mute, (for one song!)

    • Creamy

      Guessing this is just a video and the playing was recoded before

  2. Mark B

    sounds great