Palmer Introduces the Acoustic Pocket Amp

Palmer Acoustic Pocket Amp

Palmer has announced the Acoustic Pocket Amp, a compact preamp for used with acoustic instruments. It has three instrument modes – Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bass, and Magnetic Pickups – with three basic sound settings – flat, modern, and vintage – for getting your sound. It’s also loaded with connectivity for proper routing and features.

“The Acoustic Pocket Amp features a mono line input (6.3 mm jack) with a switchable –12dB attenuator to facilitate the processing of both passive and active instrument pickups,” Palmer writes. “Outputs include a 6.3 mm jack output for connection to an amplifier or a PA, a thru output for tuning devices and a balanced XLR DI output. The latter can be selected pre or post the internal signal processing, whereby the Acoustic Pocket Amp also functions as a DI box. Additional features include an FX insert for the connection of external effects, a headphone output for monitoring and a stereo auxiliary input (all 3.5 mm jacks) for external audio players such as MP3 players or smartphones.”

The unit has a three-band EQ with a semi-parametric mid control. Further tweaking is had with a separate notch filter, while the direct and preamp signals can be mixed with a blend control.

The Palmer Acoustic Pocket Amp is available with for $239.

Palmer Acoustic Pocket Amp Features:

Versatile acoustic preamp for instruments with piezo and magnetic pickups
Use with all instrument amplifiers, PA systems and recording mixers
Three selectable basic sounds: Flat, Modern and Vintage
Input limiters, polarity selector and notch filters
3-band EQ with semi-parametric center control
Blend knob to mix the direct and preamp signals
At the same time DI box with balanced XLR output
DI switchable before or after signal processing
Tuner output
Insert, stereo line input and ground lift switch
Footswitch with bypass or mute function assignable

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  1. ProDigit

    Would be awesome if they paired it with an LP2020 tripath amplifier chip.
    Costs next to nothing, and gives enough OOMPH to make an electric bass sound like it’s an acoustic!