Avishai Cohen Reflects with New Album, “Arvoles”

Avishai Cohen: ArvolesJazz bassist and composer Avishai Cohen has released a new album called Arvoles, which translates to “trees” from the ancient Ladino language. The project is described as a reflection of his life over the last few years. He also says it’s a bit of a departure from his previous recording, 1970, which was his most commercially successful album as a leader.

“This time I wanted to focus on something else. I see ‘Arvoles’ as new music, it’s a reflection of my world over the last couple of years,” Cohen explains. “Let’s just say the new work shows another part of my personality. If you listen to both records back to back, you’d get a pretty good idea of who I am as a man, a husband, and a father.”

Cohen also says the compositions tend to deal with self-reflection and looking back. “Nostalgia at its best is the strongest, most romantic, sincere, bitter-sweet feeling. And I agree it’s all over the record, with compositions like ‘Childhood’, ‘New York ‘90’s’ and ‘Nostalgia’. I had the happiest of childhoods, and I’m very proud I could include one of my mother’s paintings on the front cover of the album. She’s an artist in her own right, and it just made things come a full circle. I’m very proud to be working with her in this kind of way.”

Check out the studio session for “New York 90’s”:

Arvoles is available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download through iTunes.

Arvoles Track List:

  1. Simonero
  2. Arvoles
  3. Face Me
  4. Gesture #2
  5. Eichinov
  6. Childhood (For Carmel)
  7. Gesture #1
  8. Nostalgia
  9. New York 90’s
  10. Wings

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