PRS Guitars Announces Classic Series Cables

PRS Guitars Classic Series Cables

PRS has announced a new line of affordable instrument, patch, and speaker cables with the PRS Guitars Classic Series Cable lineup. The new series, which is offered alongside their British-built Signature Cable line, features tuned capacitance designed for signal clarity.

“The cables’ spiral-shielding provides flexibility and durability for low handling noise, making them an excellent choice on stage and in the studio,” the company writes. “PRS Classic Series cable ends come with wrapped solder joints under the barrel for added strength and durability.”

The series includes a 6-inch patch cable plus 5’, 10’, 18’, 25’ lengths with two connector options: straight to straight or straight to right-angle. The PRS Classic Series Cables range in price from $19.99 to $59.99.

PRS Guitars Classic Series Cable Lineup Features:


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