Aguilar Amplification Announces DCB-M4 and M5 Pickups

Aguilar Amplification DCB-M4 Pickup

Aguilar introduced a new pickup design at the Summer NAMM Show with the DCB-M4 and M5. The pickups, which are four and five-string versions of the same model, are humbuckers in a familiar shape.

“These pickups capture more harmonic content than traditional ‘M’ style pickups due to their dual ceramic bar design but still has that classic funk mojo!” the company writes. “The uniform magnetic field of a bar magnet allows each note to have an accurate dynamic response and no information is lost as the string moves back and forth.”

They also feature 42-gauge Formvar wire. The Aguilar DCB-M4 and M5 will be available in September with prices of $145 and $169.

Aguilar Amplification DCB-M4 and M5 Pickup Features:

Wire:42 gauge Formvar wire
Magnets:Dual Ceramic Magnet
Leads:Single conductor, heat resistant Teflon coated
Made in:NYC

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