Spiral Electric FX Announces the White Spiral Boost Pedal

Spiral Electric FX White Spiral Boost PedalSpiral Electric FX unveiled the new White Spiral Boost at Summer NAMM this year. The pedal, designed by former DOD/Digitech creative Tom Cram, is a light JFET boost “with a few tricks up its sleeve.”

The company writes the pedal is designed to either be an “always-on” boost for increased harmonic content or as a last-in-chain boost to push your amp. It includes an output control plus a “Girth” knob for tone and a grit control.

“The location of the ‘Girth’ Control in the circuit is user-definable by the Alpha/Omega two-way toggle,” Spiral Electric writes. “In the Alpha (A – Left) position the ‘Girth’ control is placed before the low-gain Grit clipping section of the White Spiral. This position allows more, or less, bass to be sent to the ‘Grit,’ and changes the character and compression of the ‘Grit.’ The Omega (? – Right) position places the ‘Girth’ Control after the ‘Grit’ Control and this position changes how much bass content is passed through the circuit. This position is more open, glassy, and Hi-Fi sounding. Bassists will LOVE the Omega selection!”

Other features include a hand-brushed aluminum top, a warm white LED, and a powder-coated black bottom. The Spiral Electric FX White Spiral Boost will be available later this month for $199.

Spiral Electric FX White Spiral Boost Pedal Features:

Low-Gain Boost Harmonic Stimulator
“Girth” Control Tone Cap Network
Alpha/Omega Toggle to change the position of “Girth” Control
Hand-Brushed Aluminum Top
Powder-Coated Black Bottom
Matching Warm White LED
Designed and Handmade by Tom Cram

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