The Giraffes Release “Flower of the Cosmos”

The Giraffes: Flower of the CosmosUnderground Brooklyn music legends The Giraffes have returned with a new album called Flower of the Cosmos. Although the album was intended to be a collection of love songs, it became a reaction to the current state of affairs in the world.

“[Flower of the Cosmos] is a bitter acknowledgment that the modern world in all of its absurdity, vanity, sham, exploitation, and cruelty stands as the culmination of a 4 billion year uninterrupted chain of life on Earth,” the band writes. “We are the fruit of all that has come to pass before us, the pinnacle of creation, the acme of reality.”

The album also serves as a turning point for the band. Last year, bassist Josh Taggart left the group and was replaced by Hannah Moorhead. Taggart’s playing is still over most of the album, with Moorhead on “Romance.” Hear Moorhead laying it down:

Flower of the Cosmos is available now on vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Flower of the Cosmos Track List:

  1. Can’t Do This In Your Head
  2. Like Hate
  3. Faks
  4. Golden Door
  5. Fill Up Glass
  6. Bubble Scum
  7. Raising Kids in the End Times
  8. Dorito Dreams
  9. Crude Wave
  10. Romance

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