Miles Mosley Previews New Album with the Single “Brother”

We’re kicking the weekend off right with some new music from upright bass guru Miles Mosley. The bassist has revealed a new track called “Brother” from an upcoming album, set for an early 2020 release.

The enormous sounding track is filled out by his collective West Coast Get Down, which includes L.A.’s top jazz musicians like Kamasi Washington, Ryan Porter, Tony Austin, and more. Mosley’s bass sounds equally huge with his signature sound cutting through the mix. His triumphant vocals “advocate for the survivor in all of us,” a press release states.

“One of my favorite and first songs written for this album,” says Mosley, “‘BROTHER’ champions the survivor not as someone who scavenges an existence but someone who was built for the very purpose of surviving said existence.”

Check out the track below and download it via iTunes.

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