Nekromantix Releases “3 Decades of Darkle”

Nekromantix: 3 Decades of DarkleNekromantix has been playing psychobilly around the world for thirty years, and they’re celebrating with a new release called 3 Decades of Darkle. The concert film was recorded live at the Observatory Theater in Santa Ana, California.

Founder, bassist, and vocalist Kim Nekroman leads the trio through the band’s nine-album catalog with tracks like “Haunted Cathouse,” “Who Killed the Cheerleader,” and “Gargoyles Over Copenhagen.” The limited-edition Blu-Ray package also includes exclusive interviews with the band.

3 Decades of Darkle is available now in a Blu-Ray/DVD/CD set, a limited green vinyl set and streaming on Amazon Prime).

3 Decades of Darkle Track List:

  1. Struck By A Wrecking Ball
  2. Nightnurse
  3. Alice In Psycholand
  4. Brain Error
  5. Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend
  6. Driller Killer
  7. Nekrotastic Extacy
  8. See The Devil Smile
  9. Nekrofelia
  10. Gargoyles Over Copenhagen
  11. Subcultural Girl
  12. Sea Of Red
  13. Glow In The Dark
  14. Brought Back To Life
  15. Horny In A Hearse
  16. Alive
  17. Nice Day For A Resurrection
  18. Haunted Cathouse
  19. Who Killed The Cheerleader

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