Chicago: Feelin’ Stronger Every Day

Here’s a great clip from “Chicago In The Rockies,” featuring the band performing “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day.”

Peter Cetera co-wrote the tune with trombonist James Pankow, and the story behind the tune is pretty cool, via Wikipedia:

“Cetera himself recalled, ‘I can remember the exact beginnings of that one… We were at the Akron Rubber Bowl in Akron, Ohio, an outdoor gig that was delayed a bit because of rain, and so, we got there our normal hour and a half before the gig, and we’re sitting around, and we were told we’re gonna hold for at least an hour, and I heard Jimmy [Pankow] in the other room playing the actual beginning of that song… and I said, ‘What is that?’ and he went, ‘Oh, I don’t know, I’m just messing around.’… I went and got my bass, and we sat there and played around with it, and a few weeks later, after we got off the road, I went to his house, and we wrote ‘Feelin’ Stronger Every Day.'”

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  1. Sharon Turner

    I’m in my 60s and I am stuck on them I remember the songs when I was a teenager but never saw them perform! Wow as they say in our day I CAN DIG IT
    Sharon from NC

  2. Patty Spakoski

    I love with them when I was in the 3rd grade. See them when they are in town. They are always my first choice in music!

  3. im almost 63.. #WarrenProject and was lucky enough to see these guys in March of 1975… They were at their peak.. I would like to think its nostalgia… but reality shows that our music back then is so much better than what they have now..

  4. David Harvey

    IMO, Peter Cetera is unjustly underrated as a bassist and if one listens to the early Chicago albums, you can hear that he was a very, very good bassist as well as singer and songwriter. I never understood why he quit playing bass for so many years as a solo artist, but it was good that he decided to play it onstage again for certain songs with the Bad Daddies in 2015.
    Mr. Cetera has cited Sir Paul McCartney, James Jamerson and the late Andy Fraser as his bass influences.