Crazy Tube Circuits Announces the Cyclone Phaser Pedal

Crazy Tube Circuits Cyclone Phaser PedalCrazy Tube Circuits has expanded their lineup of pedals with the Cyclone Phaser. The all-analog pedal is voiced after classic phasers with four voicings: 45 after a classic 2-stage phaser from the 70s, 90 after a 4-stage phaser from the 70s, ST after the first implementation of another 4-stage phaser from the 70s, and LT after a boutique UK phaser from the 90s.

“With the addition of extra controls, not part of some of the classic designs, a whole range of classic and non-classic uses becomes available making it an ideal texture machine with unparalleled harmonic richness,” the company writes.

The phaser has Mix, Feed, Speed, and Depth knobs for dialing in your tone from each setting. It also has a dedicated tat tempo footswitch plus an expression pedal input for controlling the speed of the LFO.

The Crazy Tube Circuits Cyclone Phaser is hand-built in Athens, Greece. It’s available now with a direct price of approximately $205.

Crazy Tube Circuits Cyclone Phaser Pedal Features:

4 Classic Phaser Voicings: 45, 90, ST, LT
Controls: Mix, Feed, Depth, Speed
Expression Input
Tap Tempo
True Bypass
Power: 9V DC Supply

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