Ask Damian Erskine: Farewell (For Now)

Damian Erskine

For over 10 years, Damian Erskine has published his “Ask Damian Erskine” column every week. That’s 533 columns. After that impressive run, Damian has decided to take a break. We can’t thank him enough for his contributions over the years, and if and when he wants to make a return, we’ll welcome him back with open arms.

So much to be thankful for…

What am I thankful for this holiday season? You, the readers.

I first started the “Ask Damian” column in July 2009, and I am continually amazed by the global reach and positive response to it.

As many of you know, I travel a fair bit throughout the year, gigging for one band or another as well as working in different countries with Jazz Education Abroad. It seems that no matter what far-flung corner of the globe I may be in, I will meet someone who starts off the introduction by saying, “I LOVE your columns on No Treble…” It astonishes and humbles me.

I’ve always been one to assume that what I do, I do for its own sake and I don’t honestly expect anybody to take much notice. When I receive thank you messages from people, who found one column or another eye-opening or helpful in some way, I’m astounded and it fills me with pride and gratitude.

That being said, I feel like I need to take a bit of an indefinite hiatus. Aside from being very busy (and not wanting to compromise the intention that goes into this column by not devoting enough time to respond thoughtfully about something), I’ve also answered so many questions that most things I think of, or others write in about, have been covered in one (or multiple) ways over the years.

I do hope that you will all continue to send in ideas and questions you have (email me at [email protected]). I may stock-pile a few of the meatier subjects for later, but I will continue to respond directly to many of the lighter subjects (probably directing you to one or more columns I have written on the topic). I can also connect via Skype for lessons if you’d like a more direct connection to get into some stuff together.

To all of you new and long-time readers of “Ask Damian” (and No Treble as a whole), thank you for honoring me with your time, thoughtful messages, and thought-provoking questions. I learned more than I taught while doing this.

You all rule! I’ll be reading right along with you every week and hope to contribute more in the future!

Be sure to check out Damian’s impressive column archive over the past ten years. And feel free to share your thoughts and appreciation with Damian in the comments.

Have a question for Damian Erskine? Send it to [email protected]. Check out Damian’s instructional books, Right Hand Drive and The Improviser’s Path.

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  1. D monsta
    met you in 2011 at GV bootcamp…you were kind to a newbie who was super scared to
    be there and we were both from Ptown…
    seriously you have inspired me to educate myself and study every day to be a
    better player! Your
    books have increased my skill level and continue to do so….here’s to a talented, humble serious monsta musician! May the
    force be with you always….a big fan….Tracy J

  2. Ed Dietrich

    Ask Damian has always been a major reason I followed No Treble. You’ve done a great job! Good Luck in 2020.

  3. MikeyM.

    Truly, you will be missed Sir. I appreciate all you have contributed to no Thank You!!!

  4. Murray Neish

    Damien, thanks for a great column! Thanks for providing the email also. All the best for your future.

  5. Kalle

    Endless thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge throughout the years in a well formulated and empathetic way! You are a brilliant teacher!
    All the best and good luck with your future endeavors,

  6. bassflower

    Damian, your columns are always full of great info, thoughtfulness and encouragement. I really like the tone you struck (pun intended). It’s a huge amount of work, for sure, and can be amazingly hard to do while traveling! Big kudos! I’d say I’ll miss your voice, but there is a lot of your column I have yet to read so that craving can be easily filled by your impressive catalogue. All the very best and see you on the road!

  7. Jim W.

    Several years ago I did a Google search on “modes” and it had offered one of your articles with a link to No Treble.
    I haven’t looked back since.
    You are the reason that I know about No Treble, and your new contributions will be missed.

  8. anthony senatore

    I have really enjoyed everything you have written. Thank you.

  9. Jerome

    Rest well.

  10. Mark Chyna


    Thanks for all of your thoughtful instruction and hard work over the years!

    No Treble- please keep Damian’s past columns available on your site permanently.. there is a ton of useful information for bass players of all skill levels.

    Thanks again,


  11. russrodgers

    Thanks Damian!!!

  12. Dan

    Thank you Damian. Really enjoyed your column these years. Learned a lot.

  13. Gary

    Thanks Damian!

    Your column has been among the most useful and practical writing on music, and often on life in general, that I have ever come across on the internet.

    Best of luck for the future and hope to see you back here some time!

  14. Thank you so much for your instruction and insight into all things bass!! Your columns have been fantastic.

  15. Ruben Cornelissen

    Thanks a lot Damian!!

  16. Damian, thank you for the many years of effort you have shared with us. Lots of valuable insights that are greatly appreciated! Unless one has sat in the same “writer’s seat” as you, it’s difficult to imagine the mental and spiritual effort required to consistently, regularly and effectively write (or record) an opinion / instructional column. I did this on a weekly basis for years in another field and that one task was all consuming! Had to be constantly “on the hunt” for new ideas that were original, relevant and worthy of a well-written story. I confess a welcome relief to finally jump off that thankless grind! And it wasn’t even my main job! Sure there were lots of kudos from readers etc. But it took a lot out of me to regularly produce (what then was not called “content” :) material that was welcomed, expected, and frankly, forgotten rather quickly once I left that particular role. So while we may eventually forget many if not most of the words and thoughts you’ve shared over the years, you have left a legacy of (hopefully!) better bass players who have enriched insight on playing the bass, and who better understand and execute their role in producing music. Best wishes for you in the future…..

  17. Polfuste

    What could i say ? I’ve always learn something in your columns, full of great advices, open mindness and wisdom.
    Thank you for all that and hope to see you soon onboard. All the best for 2020 !

  18. Thanks Damian! You’re an inspiration, both as a bass player and as a human being!
    Keep safe and healthy!

  19. Markus Milian Müller

    Thank you so much for your work over all those years! What struck me most out of all the great ideas gathered in the column was the ethics and attitude you brought to your work. A huge inspiration and role model for all of us, not only in music. Gracias!!!