Origin Effects Announces Cali76-TX Compressor Reissue Pedal

Origin Effects Cali76-TX and Cali76-TX-L Compressor Reissue PedalOrigin Effects have unveiled a special limited-edition reissue of their original Cali76 compressor pedal with the Cali76-TX. The first-generation featured an additional Class-A transistor stage that drove a high-spec output transformer. It also has a balanced DI output for versatility.

The pedal will also be offered in the TX-L version, which features a different transformer. “The Cali76-TX features a custom-wound iron core transformer designed to subtly saturate and add extra harmonic complexity at higher gain levels,” Origin shared. “Meanwhile, the Cali76-TX-L features a high-end Lundahl transformer, offering the ultra-linear performance, transparent low end, and flat phase response that many users prefer for use in the studio and on bass guitar.”

Other features include a 12-stage LED gain reduction meter and a high/low gain switch. The Origin Cali76-TX and Cali76-TX-L are available now through select dealers for $639 and $749.

Origin Effects Cali76-TX and Cali76-TX-L Compressor Reissue Pedal Features:

Ratio, Attack, Release, Input/Comp and Output controls
12-stage LED gain-reduction meter
Custom-wound iron core (TX) or ultra-linear Lundahl (TX-L) output transformer
Amplifier output plus independent balanced line/DI output with pad and ground lift options
High/Low gain switch for transformer saturation

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