Marc Najjar and Jody Miller Launch The Bass Nerds Podcast

The Bass Nerds with Jake Serek

If you’re like us, you like to nerd out on everything bass. So do Chicago bassists Marc Najjar and Jody Miller, who have just launched a new podcast called The Bass Nerds. The duo will be going in deep on the bass guitar and promises to feature “musicians, builders, manufacturers, friends and anyone who has something to contribute to the Bass Community.”

The first episode is available now featuring luthier Jake Serek. (Be sure to check out Serek’s Custom Shop column on No Treble.) “Serek Basses are handmade in Chicago and Jake has a great story to tell,” the podcasting duo shared. “Everything from meeting Lemmy, working at Lakland, and building custom basses for some of the best players on Earth.”

The Bass Nerds podcast is available now via YouTube, Podbean, and Apple Podcasts.

Check out the first episode:

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