Orlando le Fleming Releases “Get It Together” Instructional Book

Orlando le Fleming: Get It TogetherJazz bassist Orlando le Fleming has released a new instructional book to help you get in shape for the new year. Designed for both electric and double bass, Get It Together is an ebook that focuses on “time and sound priorities for the jazz bass player.”

“Internationally acclaimed bassist Orlando le Fleming draws on over 20 years of experience to offer invaluable advice with many exercises (with video examples) designed to help strengthen rhythmic independence, timekeeping, and sound. Once you ‘get it together,’ you will be a more well-rounded musician, with the rhythmic foundation necessary to play with the best. This book contains invaluable material for any musician looking to strengthen their rhythm and internal pulse.”

The book is broken down into four chapters: Sound, The Triplet, Swing, and Keeping Time. Each is complete with examples written in standard notation. The package also includes 31 video examples to help guide your practice.

Here’s a taste of le Fleming breaking down the triplet with clapping and foot-tapping before applying it to bass.

Get It Together is available now via the bassist’s website for $30.

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