Five Years of Groove

Groove: The No Treble Podcast

On January 8, 2015, we launched Groove – the No Treble Podcast. Today we’re celebrating 5 years of this monthly podcast, which now has 61 episodes!

This has been an ambitious effort, with the goal of building the largest recorded history of audio interviews with bassists from around the globe.

No Treble is largely reader-supported, and Groove is one of the ways you can help keep things running. While you can listen to all of the episodes on No Treble via the Groove archives, you can also subscribe to Groove on Bandcamp, and “name your price.”

Subscribing to Groove gets you full access to our entire back catalog of episodes as well as future ones, early access to new episodes (to download or listen to in the Bandcamp app), as well as exclusive coupon offers for our online store (which is another way to help support No Treble).

Another option is to download individual episodes (also “name your price”).

Thanks for your interest in Groove! It has far exceeded our expectations, and the future is looking bright, and low.

A special note of thanks to Mitch Joel (Groove’s host) and Aaron Gibson (who wrote and performed our theme music) since day one.

Our friend, Steve Lawson (a phenomenal bassist and a Groove subscriber) had this to say about the podcast:

“Love this – Podcasts like this are such a vital link with the story of how music came to be what it is – there’s a whole world of fascinating and vital information and wisdom in here. Subscribing is a no-brainer. Do it :)”

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