Groove – Episode #66: Paolo Gregoletto

Paolo Gregoletto

At the edge of heavy music lies Trivium. I remember first hearing about this band around 2000. They were “on the streets” as an indie band trying to make noise – on the stage and with the fans. They were hard-working and would take on all comers.

Paolo Gregoletto joined the band in 2004, when the band was in the studio working on what would become Ascendary (their debut album in 2005). That first tour took the band out on the road with Machine Head and they’ve been true road warriors ever since.

Paolo is not just the low-end bass player for Trivium, but has been a songwriter and featured soloist on their tracks. His guitar-like tone on solos and his use of effects (wah pedal) add texture and power in a world where the bass plays such a dramatic role in how the metal music rumbles. Trivium most recently released their full-length album, What The Dead Men Say, as the music world continues to be ravaged by COVID-19.

The band – known for their live performances and unending tours – is now facing the same fate as their peers: a time when live music is silenced. Paolo remains active with Trivium’s fan online, and since 2013 has written a column for the UK’s Bass Guitar Magazine.

Enjoy the conversation…

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