Bobby Vega: Slap Bass Secrets

Bobby Vega didn’t make this year’s NAMM Show (and we missed him big time).

Thankfully, Scott’s Bass Lessons shared this clip recently of Bobby and Scott Devine discussing all things slap bass – and showing us the way.

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  1. Additional capacitance in parallel with the pickups or output will dull the high end snap and worst case, the high end fundamental notes. Additional capacitance in series with the pickups will extend the low end to the extent the pickups can capture the tone of the strings. Less series capacitance thins out the low end. Using the tone control(s) in concert with each other can give thunderous fundamentals or shattering highs, or both, or neither with just a tink tink thunk in the middle. Tone controls and cap choices are very personal. I always recommend Orange Drop Mylar or tantalum Capacitors for stability and long life. Active tone controls make your axe crazy.

  2. Sean Woodburn

    No less than Jeff Berlin called Bobby “The Prince of Time”

    Bobby Vega represents the ultimate in un-sung bass heroes.