EMG Unveils the Robert Trujillo “Rip Tide” Signature Pickup Set

EMG Robert Trujillo "Rip Tide" Signature Pickup SetEMG has expanded its lineup of signature bass pickups with the Robert Trujillo Signature “Rip Tide” Set. The Metallica bassist’s new pickups are described as a first with “stainless steel, black chrome caps to the world of the jazz bass.”

“Trujillo has been using the EMG J Set since before his days in Metallica,” EMG shared. “Now he is truly metal, trusting his original tone combined with a modern, new look. Because of the custom stainless steel caps, these pickups maintain their original sound that’s been used in the industry for decades.”

The set is designed as a drop-in for a traditional four-string jazz bass spacing, though the company says they are also suitable for five-strings with narrow spacing due to their use of bar magnets. The set comes with an EMG solderless wiring harness for a volume/volume/tone control configuration.

The EMG Robert Trujillo “Rip Tide” Signature Pickup set is available for pre-order for $219. It will be shipping in February.

EMG Robert Trujillo “Rip Tide” Signature Pickup Set Features:

Stainless Steel, Black Chrome Caps
4-string Jazz Size
Bar Magnets
Ships with EMG Solderless Wiring Harness, Custom Picks

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